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Instant Coffee with Chaga and Adaptogenic Mushrooms

  • Focus
  • Gut Support
  • Immunity
  • Mood
  • Sugar Free
  • Vitality

Product Info

Our instant coffee is organic 100% arabica that has been ethically sourced by our coffee specialists.

Then we add our adaptogenic blend of Chaga, Reishi, turkeytail, and lionsmane mushrooms to transform this carefree beverage into a deceptively delicious wellness knockout. The adaptogenic blend work together to give your body a Chaga-charged dose of anti-oxidants, immune boosters, and polysaccharides. All with the swirl of a spoon.


Makes 30 servings

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Chaga Instant Coffee - love it!

I love this instant coffee blend! It tastes great and has the perfect mushroom blend I was looking for. I prefer this over my regular morning coffee!

Donna Vance
Love this stuff!

Would recommend to friends/family

Marejka Sanders
Great Stuff, Great Service

I was sick of all the jitters and highs and crashes of coffee. I’m a biohacker so always looking at alternatives. I’ve tried several mushroom coffees but didn’t care for the taste. Chaga Instant Coffee did it for me. A calm focus and spark without jitters and tastes freaking awesome!

I received a handwritten note from the owner on my last shipment-nice touch! And all my product questions were answered promptly. The order and delivery system is easy.

Five stars all across the board.

Mark Merrell

We believe that it helps with the pressure that gives my wife migranes

Jonathan Greeley

Instant Coffee with Chaga and Adaptogenic Mushrooms