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Alcohol Tincture

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30 days of Chaga Lifedrops - Alcohol Based & Nourish Powder

  • 1 Chaga Lifedrops - Alcohol Based Chaga Tincture
  • 1 Daily Nourish Powder
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
WOW! Noticed changes immediately.

I ordered the tincture for a specific issue I have been struggling with for months but have not gotten relief with what I have tried to date. After the first dose of chaga tincture, I noticed an 80% reduction in pain in that area. I thought it might be coincidence or my wishful thinking. About an hour after taking the second dose in the evening, I definitely noticed the pain gone almost 100%. I will continue with the tincture because IT IS WORKING!!! Thus far, I am extremely impressed! Thank you for bringing this superfood to market

Gavin Escolar
I feel valued as a VIP

I have absolutely loved all the items and the handwritten notes from Gavin definitely made me feel valued as a customer. I love chaga and tell everyone I know about its benefits and how it's helped me. I am a very happy customer!