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Test Tube - 3 Test Tubes

Product Info

Our chaga powder is created by pulverizing chaga to the perfect grain size for mixing into suspension with any liquid – coffee, tea, water, milk – while maintaining the full bio-availability and nutritional integrity of chaga. Receive all the benefits of chaga powder and create your own chaga powder recipes by mixing it with your favorite liquid!

Each 30 day supply of activated Chaga, 150ml vial. (90 days for $20!)  Steep it by itself, brew it with your favorite beverage, sprinkle it in your hot food. Use 1/4 tsp of Chaga as a superfood additive to your daily routine or steep a tsp on each hot cup for an invirogating chaga coffee substitute.

Customer Reviews

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Nancy W.
Chaga test tube

Really convenient formula to start the day by adding capful to morning hot cereal!

I love Chaga

I recieved my order quickly - 3 test tubes of Chaga - and it arrived quickly and was beautifully packaged!! However, I would rather not get so much packaging the next time - could it be sent out in just a mailing envelope, since the tubes are plastic?

Paul Cutler
Love this Product.

I’m very happy with my choice. It’s easy to use. I can mix it in a variety of different foods.